The Brian McNeely Memorial Fund was established in 2018 to honor the memory of the founder of Global Refuge International (GRI), Brian McNeely. He wanted to serve displaced people who had ‘fallen through the cracks’ of international aid due to being difficult to reach. The memorial fund continues that legacy.

From Brian’s athletic background as a college football coach, he greatly believed that when working together as a team, people could bring hope to those in hopeless situations.

The name “Global Refuge” is based on Psalm 26, stating that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.’ The passage goes on to talk about disasters and wars, and Brian foresaw that it would be in these very circumstances that GRI would serve.

Based on Brian’s vision, GRI has been able to serve suffering people in their time of need in Myanmar/Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Syria, Lebanon, Congo, Uganda and South Sudan.

The Brian McNeely Memorial Fund is committed to sustaining Brian’s vision and securing the future of GRI’s work. The fund is set up in such a way that 100% of the interest and dividends generated by the fund are distributed to GRI on a monthly basis. There are no management fees and no service fees.

Gifts can be made by check or credit card – or, in marketable securities. Consider the tax advantages of giving:

  • Appreciated securities. Transferring appreciated securities from your brokerage account to the memorial fund, you could avoid paying taxes on the sale of the securities thereby donating the full value of those securities.
  • Charitable Contributions. If you itemize your deductions, a straight-forward donation of cash or securities to GRI directed to the memorial fund can make a difference in how much you owe in federal and state taxes.

Please consult with your tax adviser about the potential tax advantages of charitable giving in your circumstances.

“God doesn’t put a premium on how long we live but rather how we live.”

-Brian McNeely